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How We Are Different Than Other ESCOs


We are a cut above the typical energy service company (ESCO) for several important reasons.   First, we are product independent.   We utilize the products that our extensive engineering and contracting experience tells us makes the most sense, is the most reliable, and creates the most value for our customers, while minimizing problems.

Many ESCOs are owned by controls or HVAC manufacturers that use performance contracting to force their products into their customers’ buildings, regardless of whether they provide the optimal solution for their customers.

Second, unlike many energy performance contractors, Pegasus Energy Services is focused on the highest quality installations.    That is why routinely commission our HVAC equipment installations.   Many other ESCOs don’t commission their projects.   Commissioning ensures, through specialized third-party review, that the equipment is installed properly and operates correctly.   We also employ engineering peer reviews for the more complicated HVAC designs we execute to minimize problems in the field.    Commissioning and peer review cost more but we believe they are far less expensive on a total life cycle basis and provide more value than not doing the job right the first time.   Studies by Lawrence Berkeley Labs have shown that commissioning has simple payback periods of about a year.   But it is not just about the additional monetary savings.   We use commissioning as a tool to make out projects as problem-free as possible to maximize customer satisfaction.    We also seek out the most comprehensive, and cost-effective program for our customers which can include a combination of lighting, HVAC, combined heat and power (CHP), water conservation, solar PV, and wind electric systems.

We believe in charging a fair price for a high-quality installation.    Our mark-ups are less than the big ESCOs.   We operate efficiently and carry less corporate overhead than the big ESCOs, and we pass the savings onto our customers.   We also operate on open-book basis unlike most of the big ESCOs.    This also proves to our customers that we are charging a fair price for the services and installations we do.   In other words, superior value to our customers.   At the end of the day we want to become your trusted, go-to energy performance contractor – and we know we must earn your trust.