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Services Category 1

  • Energy/Engineering Management

    The mission of Pegasus Energy Services and our trade partnerships is to support the organization by managing a synergistic approach to energy management and services while promoting sustainability. We do this through careful planning, designing, engineering, constructing, financing and maintaining in a responsive, service-oriented, effective and environmentally-conscious manner.
  • Energy Screening Process

    We, in collaboration with our partners provides comprehensive energy management services. We offer our clients a comprehensive energy/engineering analyses including ASHRAE Level 1 audits of your entire facility. Often rebates are available to offset the costs of this ASHRAE Level 1 audit so you will have information and recommendations for a more efficient facility.
  • Sustainability

    Sustainability is the new bottom-line of our economy.
  • Benefits of energy efficiency

    Reduce expenses, improve profitability, and help reduce climate change.